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Uceris for Maintenance

I was wondering if anyone has been on Uceris for maintenance. My son did an 8 week course in August/September and his FCP was 21 - lowest it has ever been. After reading below, our question is would he be able to take Uceris in combo with Stelara and not MTX injections. He would do MTX if he didn't need to inject but is concerned about learning to do this when away at college. Thanks!

Just had a scope and this was the follow up and recommendations

Main Concern - active moderate inflammation in rectum with mild scarring/stenosis - want to get more aggressive with treatment:

1. Want to add in methotrexate injection (1st choice) or 6mp/Imuran (2nd choice). I used to due MTX injections when he was in high school but he does not want to learn to inject....they don't feel oral works as well.
2. Want him to begin 1-2 months of pred suppository while waiting for mtx or other med to kick in.
3. Sigmoidoscopy in 4-6 months (leaves for internship in late May so will do in April) to see if plan is working.

Also learned about polyp biopsy

Polyp was a sessile serrated adenoma - this is pre-cancerous and in the general population would warrant a follow up scope in 3-5 years. She was not too concerned about the polyp and said they felt it was likely not due to Crohns but I am sure we will never really know that.

Thanks for your advice! He tolerated Uceris very well and it worked so well but I also know it is a steroid and not generally used for maintenance therapy.