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UGH! Why do I do this to myself??!!!



Ok. First... let me begin with a great big ARRRGGGGGGGHHH :mad: !!!! Ok, that's better!

Why is it that when things are going so good, that I think I am superwoman and overdo things, only to make myself flare up again??!!

I was doing so good for about a week and a half. Actually was told by my doc that I was in remission and to enjoy it (and then he said remission could be one day to 10 years).Thought things were improving drastically. It was the first time in 3 years that I wasn't going potty 25 times a day, and what was coming out wasn't diarhea (That is more an oddity for me than the amount of times I go). I was feeling so much better! More energy, feeling happy again that I could actually go do things outside of the bathroom, you know the feeling.

And then I did it.

I went and gutted part of my flower bed in the front of the house on Friday. Went to the local amusement park with my family for over 9 hours on Saturday, and spent all day Sunday cleaning up after my family left my house. Wake up Monday, only to have such bad pain and severe diarhea, I had to have my hubby take my daughter to school. Luckily he was here, usually he isn't. Then, it progressed to where I am back in the potty about 15 times a day, and I have nothing but diarhea. Ohhhh...and then, for those of you who don't know, I am a recovering chocoholic. Well, it is PMS week, and so help me, I NEEDED just one small piece of chocolate. So didn't I go and find the stash I hid awhile back and ate 3 Hershey Kisses. No big deal, they are small, right? Tell that to my gut! I ate them and within the hour I was in so much pain I had to take a percoset!

So why do I do this to myself???? And why does overdoing things physically start you with a flare? I know about the chocolate, and have since vowed there will be NO MORE chocolate in the house. But why would activity do that? Does anyone else have this problem, or do they see a pattern where you "overdo" things one day only to pay for it another?

Ugh. Ok, done.

Thanks guys!!!
Hey Donna,

I find that if I over exert myself I get joint flare ups. I don't get set off by chocolate but by fats, so I'm soooooooo safe there...lol I could never be a 'recovering chocoholic.' I have a friend who had to have treatment to give up chocolate and he came and told me all about it, the techniques etc, and he said 'they make you put a big piece of chocolate up to the roof of your mouth and leave it there, and boy did it work for me,' ....my comment was....'well that's me f****d, that's how I eat my chocolate all the time!

I think the thing to remember is that you need to take each day as it comes. You might be fine for a week and then bam, you aren't so crash hot.

Oh...I hear the chocolate and the coffee calling me...gotta go...lol

Seriously though, don't stress too much about it, it happens. Just take care, maybe not so many hot dogs at the park maybe? Oh, and why were you left to do all the cleaning on Sunday? eh?


I am sorry to hear that things went a bit south for you Donna. I think that when things are going good we just want to enjoy them to the fullest, and do not want to worry about the consequences. Hopefully though some rest and quite time can have things improve again. I find that trying think about what I know is good/bad to do before doing anything (whether it is eating something, or doing an activity) helps me out. I try and think of what the long-term effect of the short-term food item or activity can be. I then try and avoid all items that really are only good in the short-term, and can potentially be very harmful in the long-run.

Just do not dwell on any past mistakes (as really they are learning opportunities) and just try and use your past knowledge to make better decisions in the future. The only way we can learn what we can and cannot do is by making the mistakes, so do not feel bad because no one could guarantee that you would have gone through what you did had you told them about your weekend plans.

Tami Lynn

Forum Angel
Sorry to hear about your setback Donna, but try not to get too bent out of shape. I know it can be extremely frustrating when you get a glipse of "normal" only to get slapped in the face with the big ugly.

Hopefully, with a couple days of rest and relaxation, you'll be feeling better again. A setback doesn't have to automatically mean that you'll be back to "the worst symptoms" again.

As far as overdoing it goes, I used to do the same thing ALL the time!!! I would overdo it on my good days and end up paying for it for the next couple days. But geesh - ya gotta' enjoy life sometimes, right?!

It's kind of like the way we eat foods we know will come back to get us later (and they do), but we weigh out the consequences beforehand and eat it anyways.

All good things in moderation... One step forward, two steps back... etc...

Hope you're feeling better soon!



Mama Crohnie
Hi Donna, the excitement of hearing we are in remission...is overwhelming at times. Of course we feel we can conquer the world when we are given this news. I'm with you actually, you just felt so good and excited that you were finally well, and that eating chocolate wouldnt hurt. I use to do the same, feel really well, then eat something like french fries, with vinegar...then find myself in the hospital the next day. Don't be to hard on yourself, you just did what you felt, unfortunately it ended in a flare. I personally don't remember having flared up when physically over doing it. For me it was more about what I ate. I hope you feel better Donna...just be careful now, and you will achieve that remission point again.


Hi donna

I think what happens is when you push ourselfs we get a similar chemical reaction in our bodies as when we are stressed either that or when you push yourself your bodys hasnt the energy to hold yourself in a fare anymore, so its not so much that you need to stop doing these things just ot all in one day :)

Well hun good luck in getting the flare sorted



Thanks guys. I knew I could count on you to make me feel better.

I actually didn't eat anything that I knew would hurt me at the park. I used that part of my head for once!

The chocolate...well anyone with PMS and the love of chocolate can relate. I did the crime, now I am doing the time.

I do tend to over exert when I am feeling good. My mom yells at me all the time. I need to rest and not go overboard all the time. But being by myself alot and needing these things done...well...when I feel good, I do it. Lol.

On the good note however...I am getting back to only going a few times, and the diarhea is lessoning. Thankfully.

And cag...you just had to rub my nose in the chocolate didn't ya?! LOL And I used to eat my chocolate that way too!!! *Sigh, ohhh the memories. :(

And I had to clean up since my hubby was watching and entertaining the kiddos. Like I said, sometimes, I am the only one here to do things that need done!

Guess I gotta learn to sick back once in awhile and let someone else pick the roses so I can smell them.


sorry to hear it Donna, I hope you and your remission can find eachother again ver soon.
Ditto here Donna. We sound a lot alike.
Every time I have energy I clean the house thoroughly. Or go four wheeling with Carl or some other thing that sends me running(literally) to the bed and toilet..Yippee:lol:


Its soooo hard once I feel good not to try and do everything I want to do. I've done exactly what you did more than once.

Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better already!