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Uh-Oh! First Flu on Azathioprine..

Hi Everyone.
I'm sure this question has been asked tons on here, but I just joined this month so Im a newbie.

I've been on Azathioprine for 9ish months and everything has been good. But now I have a terrible flu for the first time since I've been on the meds.:frown: I called my pharmacist and she told me to skip my dose tonight. I go for my monthly blood work tomorrow and if test is normal take it as usual tomorrow.

My question is is this a typical thing one would do while on this medication?
Since you already have the flu, your immune system obviously didn't fight it off. Maybe you would have gotten it without the Azathioprine, but maybe you wouldn't have. With a compromised immune system, you are more susceptible to infections and viruses.

I don't agree with your pharmacist. I wouldn't think it would be a good idea to skip a dose -- (a) you already have the flu and skipping a dose isn't going to help prevent it, and (b) with a medication that takes up to 3 months to be effective, one dose isn't going to have a dramatic effect on you right away. I don't believe one dose, or two doses, etc. could have much effect on the flu you already have, but over time if you continue to do this I would be concerned about reducing the overall effectiveness of your meds and increasing the chance of a Crohn's flare.
The key thing is to keep an eye on your temperature. Having your blood count checked is helpful to make sure you aren't low in white cells. If your temp goes above 38.0 or is persistantly raised you should get a check over fro your GP to make sure no chest infection etc.
Missing a dose of aza will make little difference.
I'm on 6MP and had the flu last month...my doc advised just to ride it out and continue taking the 6;0 as prescribed. I will say though, the illness was much more intense than I had ever had it before and it took 3 weeks for me to get my voice back. Hope it goes quickly for you!
Thnx Uhmayzing:ysmile:

I did decided to keep taking my usual dose, contrary to what the pharmacist said (I trust my fellow Crohnie's opinions much more.:ybiggrin: My flu turned out to be not so bad. It came on very strong but only lasted for about 5 days.
Interesting.....my son is new to 6 mp and has been sick twice and both times we were told to stop...well...once to stop until it cleared up...and once to delay ramping up from 25 to 50 mg. I found this odd given that the medicine takes so long to take effect ....seems like stopping would not effect the illness but would have a negative effect on the therapeutic build up....
Yeah, I don' t know why they would tell him to stop the meds. Its in his system either way if the dose is stopped or not. I've seen my GI since and he says the same. Don't skip a dose just cuz you're sick, it won't make a difference.