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Uk juicer recommendation

Just recovering from a nasty cold which has taken me down for a few days and seriously looking into juicing to get some much needed vitamins. I have been using a blender to make smoothies but fancy dropping the fibre. I've been looking at various blenders online and can spend up to £200 for a decent blender. Looking at a masticating blender as they seem better than the centrifugal(and quieter!). Any recommendations for a decent model available in the UK will be greatly appreciatted.
Thanks rygon,

There are a few units around that price that seem very similar in looks and function. Looks like that unit comes with quite a long warranty as well so I may just have to get one...
I'm in the same boat looking for my first juicer. That one above is now out of stock. i didn't expect them to be so expensive either! I was expecting about £40 lol

Any more recommendations?
I have a Jack LaLanne which I was very lucky to get second hand from a friend for £10. It can juice just about anything!
Check for refurbished juicers. I ordered mine off of Amazon.com in the United States. It's a $400 juicer that I got for $50 and it came with a warranty. Not the best warranty but good for the price I paid.

Until you find one, cheesecloth or a loose leaf tea basket work pretty good to strain the pulp out.
You can pay anywhere from £10.00 up to £1,000 + for a juicer.

My dream juicer is an Angel juicer and it costs around £815.00

It just depends what you want it for. For health reasons such as C&UC then the more expensive the better, as you do not get the same health benefits from the cheaper juicers.

I use a Omega J8005 Single-Gear Masticating Juicer. Which appears to be called a Oscar VitalMax 900 in some countries. Looks to be exactly the same thing but just a different name!!!

Anyway this would be around £250.00 - £300.00 and it normally has a 10 year warranty on the motor. I have been using my juicer every single day for over 5 years now and never had any motor problems. Whereas I have previously blown up and burnt out several cheaper juicers after only a few months.
Juicer recommendation :-

I have a Breville masticating juicer.It's really a best slow juicer.

Brand & Model:Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer

Key Features :
Extracts maximum juice yield from soft fruits & vegetables
Ultra quiet 240-watt motor
Direction control helps to dislodge blockages
Filter basket with auto purifying for maximum yield and easy cleaning
Juice contains more fiber and less froth
Juicer Type: Masticating / Single Auger
Power/Speed: 240 watt / 80 RPM
I'm in the same boat looking for my first juicer squeeze. That one above is now out of stock. i didn't expect them to be so expensive either! I was expecting about £40 lol

Any more recommendations?
The champion juicer, or Breville. We don't know how much credibility a living juice deserves, it makes us feel like real people. We always add barley berries, but a little ginger juice sounds like a good idea. Breville is definitely a juicer for lazy people! It is well made and easy to clean after use.