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UK residents and citizens, please lend your support!

If you are a resident of the UK or a citizen residing anywhere in the world, you can lend your voice and support by signing a letter regarding the UK medical guidelines (NICE) for Crohn's disease. The letter is asking NICE to consider adding the triple antibiotic treatment to the guidelines so that doctors and their patients will be aware that this treatment is available and works for many. It is not a perfect treatment, but there are people who have failed all others, some terribly sick, who have responded with AMAT and are remarkably in remission. For them, it has given their lives back. It is just adding one more weapon to the arsenal to beat this horrific condition. Thank you for helping by signing! https://tinyurl.com/NICE-guidelines...hwj8dyhA24g9PGurtWZ5FLPN_cIzc1rOR5cc_2krQuKMM