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Ulcer on operation site.

Hey folks, just back from a colonoscopy (first one and it was really painful, sedation my ass!! Excuse the pun!!). Anyway had a resection 3 months ago, this was a basic follow up. The GI said it was grand but there was ulcers on the operation site. I've to wait for the rest of the test results for a consultation but anyone know what this means? Is it back or is this normal after an op? I thought I would have gotten longer than three months!!! Thanks in advance for any advice. Maighréad.

Diagnosed during a bowel resection following a Caesarean section. No meds yet.


Ulceration in the bowel is never a good or normal thing. Unfortunately I think you will need to sit with your GI once the full report is done to see what the course of treatment will be and the severity of the condition.

Sometimes ulceration turns into scarring and it may be the area you were operated on has mild ulceration and scarring in which case your doctor may opt for a mild med or to leave it alone.