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Ulcerations at surgery site

ulcerations at surgery site

Hi Guys, just had a post surgery colonoscopy and gastroscope today which has shown duodenitis and ulcer formation at surgry site. No strictures or anything else showed and the colon remains unaffected. Any advice from anyone else who has had similar results would be great. I've to see the surgeon in 4 weeks to discuss biopsy results and possible medication :thumbdown:
Hi Dusty, No he discharged me after the surgery but i'll be re-referred after I see the surgeon next month to talk medication. I have very few clinical symptoms very mild pain very occasionally but nothing that you would complain about and all bloods ok but it just shows you you don't really know whats going on inside!! i'm just a bit disappointed that it's returned so soon, having said that i'm glad I tried without meds first just in case I was lucky!!