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Ulcerative Colitis and Sacroiliitus and Humira

Hi everyone,

my wife, username kari, has already documented my story here, but I was originally diagnosed with Crohn's in May and then my diagnosis was changed to Ulcerative Colitis (and Sacroiliitus) over the the Fourth of July when I was hospitalized for nearly three weeks.

My UC is under control with prednisone which I am slowly weening off and my sacroiliitus (lower back pain) seems to be improving. Last week, the pain was so bad I needed a walker to move about. The GI doctor I saw in the hospital is not covered under my insurance and I will only be able to see him for one visit in September which doesn't help me decide on treatment as I get off the prednisone. I did see a Rheumatologist (who I also can't see again) who prescribed Humira as the only option for my Sacroiliitus induced back pain.

Now my back pain is improving and I'm wondering if I really need to go on Humira or if there is another option to treat both my UC and Sacroiliitus. I talk to my Primary Care Doctor tomorrow (he's back from vacation) to refer me to a new, insurance covered, GI doctor and Rheumatologist.


Hi SJW and welcome, it's lovely to have Kari's other half join us. I hope you get all the answers you need when you see a new Doc and rheumatogist. xxxxxxxxx


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Hi sjw and :welcome:

It's good to see you here. I can't really say about the meds option but obviously a good question to ask your new docs. I'm glad to hear the back pain is improving. This is a great place to hang out so I hope you stick around and please keep us posted on how you are doing.

Welcome aboard!

Take care, :)


Hi sjw
and welcome

good to see kari's other half!
I wouldn't completely rule out Humira yet, I would see how you were after all the Pred has gone from your system, this is cos Pred masks symptoms, and altho you feel better now, there's a good chance it might start again when the Pred is finished.
That's just my opinion, but talk it thro with your doc first.
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Hi SJ, I can't give any advice on the meds but just wanted to welcome you. I know you're still having problems but it sounds like a major improvement to where you were when Kari first introduced your story. Good luck and welcome!!!


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Hello SJW,

I have Crohn's Disease as well as sacroiliitis / Ankylosing Spondylitis. I can definitely relate to your predicament.

I am currently on Imuran, Entocort and Asacol. I also go for physiotherapy and practise some basic yoga stretches.

Humira has been mentioned by my General Practitioner, but I too am awaiting a Rheumatologist appointment.

Good luck. I hope you get better soon!