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Ulcerative colitis and swollen and painful ankles

Yesterday at 4:21 PM
Hello my son has had ulcerative colitis for 25 years and suddenly hes having terrible pain in his ankles, he cant walk, they are swollen, red and sensitive ro the touch. Doctors do not know why but think its connected to the UC. Has anyone had this experience and what did you do to make the pain and swellen go away. Thank you and I hope you are feeling well today.

Lady Organic

Staff member
Im so sorry for what your son is experiencing. I do get joint issues along with my IBD and I have issues with my ankles as well. Yes joint inflammation can be related to IBD. It would be important to get a consultation with a rheumatologist in order to rule out any other joint/arthritic disease and in order to get help asap. the GI could ask for a emergency consult in rheumatology since your son cant walk. This is a emergency. The rheumy will run different blood tests and examine all body joints. Active joint pain can announce a IBD crisis, go along with one or run independantly (when bowel is in remission). Some medication can be tried which work well for both IBD and arthritis. Is your son on any medication right now?