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Ulcerative Colitis

I was diagnosed with UC a year ago, I was put on Asacoland was on Prednisone was 6 to 7 months. I also have RA and I am taking Humira for that and the UC. I recently began have loose stools and called my gastro dr. he ordered blood work and a c-diff stool sample. I tested positive for c-diff. He put me on Flagyl for 10 days. I also started a probiotic called Sustenex. Day 2 of the antibiotic, I started with really bad diarrea, called the Dr and the nurse said it may be a sid effect from the meds to continue. I did, now I have been off of Flagyl for 7 days and I am still with diarrea, with blood. I called Dr again, he wanted another stool sample. I tested negative for cv-diff....so they gave me Cholestyramine as a binder, never heard of it before, still on it after days, still have bloody stools and tired all the time. I calle again the Dr and the nurse said it takes time for the binding meds to work and that she is not surprised about the bloody stool, that I have irratated the bowels...I am at my wits end and scared. Anyone going through this?

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:welcome: to the forum. I have been on Questran many times over the years but I don't bleed and that should be the doc's primary concern. Humira helps but it is the milder drug for Crohns anyways, never thought my arthritis did any justice from it. Flagyl does help but causes most to have Diahreah, Asacol is mild and mostly used in UC cases, but Prednisone is evil and not recommended for long term... Probiotics work but not all are created equal and some people bloat from it. Questran worked for me right away but for some not so much. Everyone is different.

I know this sounds gross but if you have blood take a picture of it , that will get the nurses or doc's attention. I know you are scared, and I would be too but make sure someone listens to you about the bleeding. Sorry not much help. Great people here to help you. All the best ;)


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Hi and :welcome:

I'm so sorry to hear of all you are going through...:hug:

Unless you have small bowel involvement, which you won't if you have UC, then I don't think Questran will work for you as far as binding your stool is concerned. It is used in conjunction with antibiotics to treat C Diff but if you are now negative for that then I'm not sure why they have prescribed it as a stand alone treatment.

Perhaps the C Diff infection has brought on another flare, if so you most likely will need a review of your current treatment to try and bring things back into check.

When is your next appointment with the doc?

Dusty. xxx

Crohn's Mom

Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sorry for everything you are going through :(

I'm curious.. are you still taking the probiotic ?
I have tried 3 different ones and I can not tolerate them. They actually make all of my symptoms much worse. Maybe yours is causing some problems as well ??

Hang in there and hopefully you get sorted out soon :)
Welcome to the forum, it is good to have you here. Is your doctor a specialist or general physician? Also, if you do not feel that your doctor is doing a great job and giving you the care you need, then don't feel bad about going to a new doctor. People assume all doctors were created equal but that is simply not true.

Also, you mentioned you were scared, that is understandable, but please try to be calm don't stress and learn as much as you can about UC. You will find that this causes you to be less scared the more you become an expert about the disease.

It has been shown that stress and anxiety can make your symptoms worse, and that a positive mind set can make your condition less severe.
Thanks guys for all of the support. @Crohns mom, funny you should ask that about the probiotics. I started then a day after I was on the antibiotic and that when the diarrea started. I think it may be a problem with me and also a little flare. I have stopped the probiotics today just to see if things subside.