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Ulcerative Colitis

Hello everyone;

I have had Colitis going on 5 years now. The specialist has me on the prescription Asacol. Any other ideas out there for different medicine? I think the Asacol interacts with my BP medicine. I feel better when I don't take it. Another question I have is, how can the G. Doctor know that I still have Colitis when they only spend 5 minutes per appointment? One of my eyes is always bloodshot also. Any advice would be appreciated.




I have not taken Asacol so couldn't say for sure, I think the fact that you feel better not taking it may be an indicator though. What symptoms are you having currently? Would you say things are quite different now to how the were five years ago? If you are not feeling happy and confident in the time your doc is taking with you then it may be worth trying to get another one. It is very important that you trust that your doc has your best interests at heart. With regards to your eye perhaps get an appt with your GP, hopefully they can at least look at see if there is anything it.

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Hello Marjie and :welcome: to the forum. :)

Have you been on the Asacol for the entire 5 years or is that more recent? I was on Asacol HD for about 3 months, then I switched to Remicade. Asacol can have a lot of side effects that cause you to feel crappy, rather than help you. It's different for everyone. While it does a great job most of the time, it could even cause flares.

I agree with Angrybird about seeking out a doctor that spends more time with you and shows concern. But ulcerative colitis is not something that will go away. Unfortunately for you and me, it's a chronic disease that cannot be cured overtime... except, however, if you have your colon removed... ;)

A lot of us suffer from extra-intestinal problems. The eyes are a common place for probs with us. Definitely contact your doctor for an appointment. But in the meantime, please read here in this sub-forum where others have had eye problems. Perhaps you'll relate to someone else?

Welcome again! I hope to hear more from you. :hug: