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Ulcers in Neoterminal Ileum

Hey there,

Just had a colonoscopy done which reported that I have a "few ulcers in the Neoterminal ileum".

These were biopsied so I will hopefully have more info from my Doctor in 2 weeks, but I was wondering if my Crohn's Disease is causing these ulcers?

I sometimes have a few drinks with friends, could alcohol cause ulcers in the Neoterminal ileum?

San Diego
The term "neoterminal" indicates that you have already had surgery to remove part or all of your terminal ileum. Is that correct? If so, and if the surgery was for Crohn's ulcers in the first place, then it is fairly likely that the new ulcers seen now represent a recurrence of the Crohn's ulcers in the new post-sugery terminal ileum. It's pretty common for Crohn's inflammation to recur around the edges of the surgical cut area.

I doubt that a few drinks would be enough to cause significant inflammation so far into the bowel as the ileum. Whatever the case, the pathology report of the biopsies will tell the real story. So you really need to wait for that before making any conclusions.
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Yep. I had a colonoscopy about a year after surgery and had "ulcers in the Neoterminal Ileum", which is when they started me on Azathioprine. The next colonoscopy about 3 years later showed none, I'm pleased to say. I was told from the start that it likely comes back at the surgery site.