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Ultrasound for crohns

my little penguin

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So Ds is having minor issues Gi issues

But given his many drug allergies (allergic to drugs needed for CTE and MRE )
Gi ordered a ultrasound of the bowel
Has anyone actually had this done ?
Did it see anything ???
First time for ds


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My guess is they are looking for other things not so much the actual Crohn's. BUT remember when O was inpatient and the scoping doc felt a stricture she ordered a special ultrasound that she said would give them more info so maybe......


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My daughter has had several ultrasounds, due to abdominal pain (lower right quadrant). The ultrasounds were to look for evidence of appendicitis. Her GI said it was just a precaution - it was more likely to be pain from her terminal ileum but they had to check. Is he allergic to the oral contrast your drink for an MRE or CTE or to the IV contrast? Because if it's just the oral contrast, then you could do an abdominal CT. Won't give as much info as a CTE but will give more than an ultrasound.
A pillcam is probably a better bet. We were also told that a SBFT was another option for strictures, though I don't know if it would show inflammation.

my little penguin

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It’s his left side
So not appendix thankfully
He is allergic to contrast dye , gallulidium, barium iodine and something else
Basically all the iv stuff and the contrast you drink
So they won’t do any mre /cte since he reacted during both procedures with different drugs at different times
Sbft you have to drink barium to coat the intestine so that’s out as well
Which why the ultrasound for now

It definitely a special ultrasound since Gi was very clear had to be done at the Gi hospital due to the type of ultrasound she wanted
Could not be done at our local place or any ordinary ultrasound radiology place…..
So maybe they have a new technique??


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Yeah...it is some specialized ultrasound. Same with O. It had to be a very specific doctor to do it. Hopefully it gives you some answers but we are talking LP here so......
I just googled and found:

“Until recently trans-abdominal ultrasound was rarely used for bowel assessment due to its difficult visualisation. Endoscopy, MRI, CT, and conventional radiography were the preferred imaging methods.

However, over the past few years technological advancement and the increasing experience of ultrasound practitioners has meant that ultrasound is now an important tool for visualising bowel pathology, giving practitioners the ability to diagnose a range of different pathologies such as colorectal tumours and bowel inflammation.” https://www.sor.org/news/advanced-practitioners/bowel-ultrasound

There’s also upper and lower endoscopic ultrasound but they would have definitely have mentioned the endoscopic part.

Best wishes