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Ultrasound on abdomen

Hi people, I've been diagnosed with crohns disease not so long ago and I think I'm coming to the end of all my tests but I recently had a full colonoscopy and now following that I've received a letter saying I got to have a ultrasound on my abdomen. Just a bit worried as i cant help think they might have found something in the colonoscopy & I have no clue as of why they have asked for this where as all other test I knew why I was having them. Just wondering if someone could give me some info on what it may be for...
If it isn't an urgent request, it may very well be just a routine test your doctor likes his crohn's patients to get. Try not to worry about it.


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Scopes, like all tests, have advantages and disadvantages. Their main disadvantages are, whilst they can view the entire large bowel they can only see a very small portion of the small bowel and they can't see past the bowel wall.

Perhaps the doc wants to use the ultrasound as a way of viewing the small bowel and the abdomen in general to ensure there is no active disease in the small bowel or any other Crohn's complications present in the abdomen. Ultrasound is inexpensive and requires no prep, just a full bladder.