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Unable to relax stomach.

Hello all,

I haven't posted for a while but I have been reading and keeping an eye on everyone's recent issues, 'tis sad that so many of us are still battling this definitive diagnosis drama but at least we're not alone in all this!

I was wondering if anybody experiences the same problem I've had for a while now; at times I'm literally unable to relax my stomach due to a feeling which I can only describe as my insides bouncing about?!? It's painful just to walk so I find I have to hold my stomach in a touch just to make it bearable, which is difficult in itself if I happen to have low down tenderness and swelling too, oh the joys!

Any response is appreciated as always, hope that you're all having a decent enough week.
My stomach tenses when I am in pain. I like to have a hot water bottle or something against my stomach, or I lie on my left side and massage my abdomen with my right hand.
Heat is a great way to relax the sinews. Either use a hot water bottle (wet heat is suppose to be better for you, per Eastern doc) and move it around a little or heated rice pack.

Another thing to do is begin doing belly rubs. That will bring blood circulation to the area and help you relax it. You will find them uncomfortable at first (possibly), but keep going right, up around belly button, down to left and under belly button and back around. If the stomach is hard, I have used a fist to break it up. Better to begin softer and once you feel the heat of your circles, your stomach will relax more. Important to keep your belly AND back warm at all times. Do belly rubs each morning and before bed, as well as throughout the day. It will help the body heal itself.

Another great stretch and digestive circulation helper is "Bikram Wind Removing Pose" - that is a stretch that is done twice in a row (google it) and you can do it a few times a day.

If you can add walking to the day, that will help. At least once around the block! The blood circulating will help move things along and get the digestive track back on track.

Feel better!


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Crag, welcome back! We missed you, sorry to hear you're still without a diagnosis too and still having pain and symptoms. And I'm the same way when I'm not feeling well with regards to the stomach tensing. I find myself tensing my stomach without even realizing it. I'm not sure why exactly, but when I'm not feeling well it just seems that things moving around in there would be a bad idea. Like tensing my stomach is stopping movement and protecting my insides from being jolted around in any way. I do it without thinking about it so I assume that means it's natural and needs to happen for whatever reason. I agree that heat helps - my heating pad is one of my favorite things ever. A hot bath is good too. Hang in there, I hope you're able to feel better soon and that you can get some answers soon.
Thanks for the messages guys, everybody is as helpful as ever, I love this site!

There's some helpful tips there, I already do a few of them but wasn't aware of others so thank you. It's reassuring to know that I've been missed Cat, always nice to know that others are thinking of me and even more so in times like this! I have been reading the club posts still so I'm well aware of everybody's plights and adventures!

It's such a shame that the only solace many of us take is the fact that we have others here to talk to, could be a whole lot worse as well I suppose so gots to be pleased about that if nothing else!
Hi Crag, long time no hear! I wondered what had happened to you!

Have you tried buscopan- its a bowel relaxant but also relaxes the muscles and might help. Also a warm wheat bag and massage could help as well. Sometimes the only thing you can do that works is force yourself to get up , stand straight which stretches the muscles and this eventually relaxes them...like you stretch muscles with cramp.

I take it no diagnosis so far..where are you up to with tests etc/
Hello there littlemissh,

How have things been with yourself?

I have tried Buscopan before, I was put onto them when I was admitted to hospital in February but was taken off them again a few weeks later as they didn't seem to make a difference with me. I had also been taking Mebeverine for a couple of months beforehand and was told by a different doctor that they are basically the same thing?!

With regards my testing I had a surgical consult 3 weeks ago about the exploratory laparascopy and phoned them on Wednesday as I hadn't heard from them and was feeling pretty bad again. Left a message, then phoned again yesterday and they've now booked me in for the 7th so only just over a week which is great. I'm just praying they find something as trying to get back to work this week has proved difficult unless I don't eat anything!

Not really sure what to expect with the procedure as I don't know a great deal about it; I'm hopeful but don't want to get too optimistic because it'll just make the fall so much harder if they say everything looks normal!

Hope that you find yourself in a better place these days after your dramas last year?
Hi crag, good to see you about, sorry to hear you are still undiagnosed.

I don't get the sensation you describe, but what I do get sometimes is the outside of my stomach will contract and cramp with no pain or cramp like feelings, just feels like the muscles are tensing. It's pretty weird.

Good luck with your surgery, I hope it leads somewhere for you :)
Hey star thanks for the reply,

Sorry to hear about your recent complaints response it's not what you need on top of everything else. Totally agree with the point you said too, their understanding of 'adequate care' and ours clearly differ, if they spent a week in your shoes then I feel they'd change their mind somewhat!

I know the feeling your describing too, sometimes I can see my whole belly pulse with my heartbeat as well which is good to watch if there's nowt on the tv! Hope that your having yourself as good a weekend as possible, mines involved lots of sofa time so far!