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Uncomfortable tickle when "outputs"

I get a vbery uncomfortable feeling when it "outputs".

Like a vibration tickle, which I really don't like

Is this because of what I've eaten do you think, or the fact that it is so close to my skin when it outputs, so it vibrates, or is already burnt?

Does anyone know? It often makes me jump.
It's all quite strange geting used to your stoma and how it operates, isn't it...

From what I understand, this type of feeling is relatively common and quite normal, although I didn't ever have it as dramatically as this. Most people seem to find that either it gets less extreme or they become so used to it that it is no longer noticable.

If you could become more relaxed about it, perhaps trying to consider it as funny, you might gradually become so accustomed to the "tickle" that you no longer notice it.
Hmmm maybe, feels more itchy when it comes out than funny though at the moment. I thought maybe it had something to do with what I had eaten, as I feel it more when the output is thicker - like the other day when I had stringy cabbage!
When my output is thicker I feel the itchy tickle too. Its so strange. What's worse though is when it was all liquid and I could feel it trickle down... it felt like I was peeing myself or something.


Yes, the tickle. And yes the feeling of peeing, or like that too. Susan is right, eventually you notice it perhaps but it no longer bothers you. We just get used to it.

You begin to know after a time when it's something to be worried about. Stan can be a real bugger sometimes and when he has an 'episode' of 'ralphing' I call it, I begin to think he is a teenager after a party! You know the feeling (or you will) when the tickle becomes a volcano?
Ah yes, the trickling down too - keeps feeling like it's trickling down my stomach and I have to keep checking I'm not leaking.

The itchy tickle thing is more annoying though cos you can't get at it to stop it, it makes me jump and stresses me out a bit
I was particularly itchy ticklish in the first 2 months with thicker output, but now it happens less often, though I still get it occasionally. I had to laugh, but it was happened just 15 minutes before I read this!! It doesn't seem to matter what I have eaten.
Somedaysi I feel it especially when I am in social situations, probably heightened feelings due to feeling anxious. Other days I notice the bulge under my top and think 'oh shit' when did that happen. I have to say that when it's very liquid I don't usually notice, just sometimes I can feel the warmth on my skin. When it is thicker I notice it.

I prefer to notice it as I can then go empty before it bulges under my shirt. I also notice Miss Piggy gets noisy in social situations. I went to a school play on Friday and I had to muffle her for the whole thing, and burp her at interval. I am glad that I have some very understanding friends. It also helped that I went as a volunteer chaperone for the local special School, so the high school kids behind us kept thinking it was one of the students.
Persephone300, I am not an expert but I'll throw in my two cents. I had my ostomy for about 7 months before the takedown. The first two months I was definitely aware of my ostomy and how it "felt" when there was output. I think I was just overly conscious of it at the time. My output was high liquid due to the position of it high in the sm. intestine. The only really annoying thing about mine was feeling that warmth of the output near my lower abdomen at times. Never got used to that.

Lol, Jano77 I think Miss Piggy was just feeling left out and wanted to be noticed at parties hehe. True to my personality my stoma Ollie was quiet at outings.
Any chanse this would have something to do with the size/shape/position of your flage? Perhaps the edge of the flange gets too close to the output geysir :D and this would vibrate? I sometimes can feel the fluid go under the flange if its desiding to not stay on proper.

But yes.. i too feel the output of my stoma. And as others have said usualy when its more solid. You get used to it.. and then some days you dont. ;)