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Under arms rash (?)



rash/ swelling under arms

new junk:
swollen semi-"sore" red patches under arms--especially under right arm--but it's under both.

post note
started keflex 500 mg (3 pills a day)
fun fun..more pills...
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Body manifestations of the disease are common, including the mouth, skin, eyes and pretty much any other area of the body (especially those part of the digestive tract from the mouth to the anus).

Your skin condition can be a normal rash that has nothing to do with the disease, or it can be related to the disease. Gee, doesn't that help?

It is hard to always tell what is normal and what is happening due to the disease.

There is a skin condition that is common for people with Crohn's Disease and can be learnt about here:

Even if your condition is not exactly as explained by the link, write down what the rash does look like so you can alert your doctor about it when you see him/her next. It is important to report all symptoms to a doctor, even if they do not seem to be related to the other symptoms.


michael-thanks -i read the article..
i guess it was good that i called my gi earlier..it is so hard to know what relates to what.
my gi did tell me it is probably not crohn's related-but to go to a dermatologist-and would refer me-or-go to the hospital..but-i waited a bit. i just thought it was nothing. (not too smart)
i finally called my regular dr. later today. described exactly what was going on--and he said-cellulitis. maybe taking the entocort lowers the immune system a little (?) and-when i shaved under my arms-i guess it created this mess. i am glad i started the keflex- if it is cellulitis--it can spread fast and into the blood. so i guess i just have to see if it gets better in next few days. i hear it gets worse first-but then rapidly better. if not -and it is cellulitis-you have to go to hospital for iv antibiotics etc.
it is good to know about the ibd related skin things..i guess..the color of this rash and how it spread..and all of it-i guess made the dr dx cellulitis. but..if it doesn't go away-i will go to a dermatologist to 100% check it.
only trouble with the antibiotic (keflex) is i had diarrhea tonite..and lots of gas/rumblings in colon. been "d"-free pretty much since pentasa/entocort..so-i wasnt happy to have that again.
for now-i guess go through the weekend and see what happens (unless i get a high fever or something..) just-want to do all i can to avoid going to the hospital..
wish all this wasn't so tricky. it's like you do one thing to fix something and it messes up another thing-and fix that-and then another thing gets screwed up.
but i must admit-i feel safer being on the anitb's--even if they may give me "d"...


xrayzerase said:
wish all this wasn't so tricky. it's like you do one thing to fix something and it messes up another thing-and fix that-and then another thing gets screwed up.
AMEN. lol

its a nightmare isnt it? Ive never felt worse in my life until I actually started to treat the crohns.

p.s. I was told to watch out for shingles (another rash type thing that is actully the chicken pox still in your nervous system.. or something like that ;)) all because of the drugs and the lowered immune system.
hope you figured it out, and are feeling better now.


yeah..it is weird isn't it? it seems there are more things to deal with since dx/meds.
then again..i remember "D" everyday-and the pain in abdomen..so..not sure which is worse! ..and the heartburn..that was most unbearable-i am convinced it is related to the crohn's--(gastritis)--luckily this ativan helps..but..i don't think i can take that for too long as it is very addictive (not sure..)
the thing that gets me most is the tiredness-i guess a lot of people here talk about that. i suppose its meds and the cd -both. ..though my meds are still "low-key"-pentasa and entocort and aciphex-..and i know the ativan makes me a little tired..
grrrrrrrrr---i suppose this is all why i am willing to go on remicade if that is the direction my dr goes. i just had the barium tests-and next maybe the pill cam--i know that is risky..but-i may go for it anyway. (maybe i can somehow get a copy of the "video"..)(want to learn how to read radiogrpahs (yeah..right!!! ;) )
(i think trying to understand all this is what keeps me from getting depressed...as well as just wanting to be sure i get all supplements /etc needed.
oh--shingles...lol! i know all about that one. had it like 5 years or so ago. hardly any of the "zit" things..but--big-time pain. it was along the nerve from my left eye to scalp (near forehead) -i was on the codiene (t-3's) also had a saliva gland infection then too and took favimir (?) (not that there are drugs to combat virus..but..it sometimes helps i guess.
i wonder if i had crohn's then-probably. had "D" then...but i thought the "D" was due to having had a myometomy for fibroids/ovarian cysts a year or 2 before--and the fibroids-then the op-caused major adhesions. ..so-thought the "D" was just cause of all that.
my drs-ofcourse-said..oh..it's also probably IBS. lol--sorry..just-i know so many others got the IBS thing too...i suppose til dx'ed -many symptoms are similar though..
anyway-sorry for the long winded reply here!
the keflex worked :) it was cellulitis-all cropped up after shaving under arms (never had that reaction to shaving before..)but..yeah..i suppose w/ entocort-even tho it mostly absorbs in small bowel-it still can lower immune..so..who knows. i still shave--just-more careful.
isn't all this SO much fun!?
hope all is well on your end...
it was good to read some of what you wrote about remicade (rat poison) ;)
i'll probably end up taking it-even w all the mess it may cause later on...and whatever else...anything to feel a bit better-and to eat at least somewhat more normal foods--i hate this being afraid to eat more than anything..
ok..that's it...
sorry soo long
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