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Undiagnosed and tired

Glad I found this forum, I've had diarhea everyday since I was 15. And it get's worse as i get older now 31. The stomach pain, joint pain, and all the other pains just aren't fun. I have a regular doctor that is pretty sure its crohns disease but want me to see a specialist to make sure. But with no insurance getting the final diagnosis is going to be near impossible seeing as how everyone wants the full amount up front. Very frustrating. My regular doctor won't prescibe anything till we know for sure. So I get to live with the 20plus bathroom trips a day. And pain. I can't even take a single advil anymore without throwing it up. So a lot of food doesn't stay down anymore either. I'm down to 98 lbs, hair has thinned out. I live off of homemade soups most days. Adult diapers have become my best friends when it comes time to leave the house. My back is killing me, and my hips as well. So until I can see the other doctor I'm at a standstill and not sure what to do.
Until you can get a good diagnosis, please address a healthy diet. No pop, no alcohol, and begin cleaning up the diet to exclude grains and write down everything you eat and drink and see when symptoms result. Your body is in a vicious cycle of expelling anything as the stomach is used to it. I had the same thing at your teen age as well. I did not understand it as being something wrong, but thought it was normal; as I did not know better. The backaches are a result of poor stomach condition. Soups are probably going to be your diet for a while, until your stomach can calm itself. however, if the soups still cause it try another kind of soup, in case what you are eating contains something that triggers your stomach as well. Some of the liquid protein drinks (Ensure, etc.) can help. I had lived on that for well over a month; solely on that, due to a medicine reaction. I felt healthy, maintained weight (could gain weight if you add extra dosage of calories), and head normal movements, etc...Consider the options of good nutrition.
I think Advil is aspirin or ibuprofen? In which case please don't even try to take it! As they are very hard on the guts. Paracetamol (acetominophen or Tylenol) is the only OTC painkiller that is safe for use with bowel or stomach problems- I would ask your doctor if he could prescribe something a bit stronger. Like codeine (which has the added benefit of reducing bathroom trips!)

Maybe someone in the states has some ideas on how to get help when you don't have insurance!


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Since you live in fort worth I will suggest Partkland bowel clinic. You can call them and see if you qualify for free care. I went there before a got med insurance. Good luck