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Undiagnosed Ibd prescribed salofalk

Hi all,
So I had bloods done which have shown inflammation and my albumin levels are low and my symptoms have gradually worsened: thinning hair,mouth ulcers, pale, weak etc My stomach problems have always been upper and gp says I haveGERDI do have occasional 'upset stomach' every week/2 weeks? I did pay privately to see consultant and he said he's sure it's IBD.The next step is to have scopes.
Symptoms worsened so doc gave me 60g prednisone which I took and then over a few weeks I reduced dosage. At first I felt awful but as they settled and dose reduced I felt much better. Almost all symptoms were gone. Since coming off them my symptoms are slowly returning. Doc has prescribed salofalk to reduce symtoms while we wait for scopes.any thoughts or ideas? Thanks guys x


You could ask to go back on prednisone for a little bit, though you probably don't need to be on the 60mg again. The advice I usually give to people who are tapering off it is: if you feel your symptoms returning, tell your doctor you need to stay at that higher dosage for a little longer.

If the salofalk doesn't work, you may need to consider stronger medications, like immunosuppressants (6mp, Imuran, Methotrexate) or biologics (Humira, Remicade), but that's probably only going to be considered after you get a formal diagnosis. You don't want to be on immunosuppressants if you don't actually have an autoimmune disorder like IBD, after all.