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Undiagnosed - Need some advice

I have posted in here before. I have had symptoms since October 2017, had a sigmoidoscopy and it has shown inflammation in my bowel. Told to take pentasa sachets, however I’ve never been told what’s actually wrong with me but was given these to take with not much explanation. My symptoms get worse and worse, I don’t know how much longer I can cope. I’ve been to the doctors and begged for help - I broke down last time I went. Every time I attend appointments it’s the same thing - do a blood test, nothing alarming has come back. My quality of life is so bad and I’m only 20 years old. Every time I go to the toilet there I blood and mucus and constant gas. I also just look genuinely unwell all the time. I have had to stop my studies away from home because it’s too much for me. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to get further testing? What I should maybe say to the doctors? Any advice would be appreciated.
Yes, go see another GI. I don't understand doing a sigmoidoscopy when a colonoscopy covers the entire colon and the terminal ileum. That could give you a more complete picture of what is going on.
It sounds like the begining of crohns you need to be seen by a gastro. Plz realy dont wait to long...Upper -lower GI will tell if you have crohns,but, sounds like it[[but then again crohns sounds like everything,lol