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Undiagnosed or paranoid?

Around the end of September last year (2017) I began having pain in my right side/stomach area and diarrhea. I believed it to be my gallbladder, so I changed my diet to avoid fatty foods. The pain got worse and after 3 trips to the ER in the month of October, I spent a weekend in the hospital. I had lost around 10 pounds, had vitamin d & b12 deficiency, and colonoscopy revealed inflammation in my small intestine. That’s when they first mentioned the possibility of Crohns.

I began seeing a GI doc, who started me on steroids, turmeric, vitamins, CBD oil, etc.. I completely cut out dairy, and avoided other high inflammatory foods. I began to feel some better, but was still having to take pain meds to manage pain throughout the day. I also had to begin taking medication for anxiety that had been increasing since illness began.

In January (2018) I began seeing a new GI doc for 2nd opinion. After 2nd colonoscopy, an endoscopy, a couple MRI’s, pill cam, and some other tests, I was still in severe pain daily with no diagnosis. All tests were coming back negative or inconclusive.

Finally at the end of June, I had my gallbladder removed. I almost immediately started to feel better, and thought all my problems were solved. However, around two weeks ago I began have some pain again, although not as severe. I have also been EXTREMELY fatigued, and have had some other symptoms I had around this time last year when I was hospitalized.

The surgeon who took out my gallbladder said he saw a spot on my small intestine “like you sometimes see with Crohns”, so I guess in the back of my mind I’m wondering if that is still a possibility. But I also wonder if it’s all in my head, since nothing was able to be determined from all the tests I’ve had over the last year.

Anyone else experience similar symptoms that has been diagnosed with Crohn’s?