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Undiagnosed years

I started having symptoms about 12 ish years ago . was very irregular bloating ,cramps and occasionally being sick . Maybe once or twice a year . Fast forward 12 years and I thought I better get things checked out . I was having numb feet ,mouth ulcers,costocronditis,breathlessness,brain fog . B12 was tested and was under 44 . So started injections . Doc wouldnt let it rest and was determined to find out more . Colonoscopy,endoscopy found gastritis and hernia . No IBD til mri . They found small bowel crohns june 2019 at the age of 50 . I’m now on imraldi and the dose is increased to once a week from now as second mri in dec 2019 found little improvement. Saw consultant this week and I’m currently on antibiotics as he thinks I have sibo . He mentioned chatting to surgeon( just a chat ) and dietician . And is also testing for coeliac . Although I’m sure that test was done a few years ago and was ok .
im lucky I guess to get to this age without severe symptoms. Consultant said if any severe pain and fever straight to A and E . So not sure what he may have seen on last mri which warranted that remark .
I would think that he is worried about intestinal blockage. Symptoms include severe pain, fever, and sometimes vomiting. It's an emergency.