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Unsure of what to do next

'm currently a freshman in college, away from home, and have been suffering possible symptoms of IBD. I've been in communication with my doctor from NY however, there is only so much we can do over email. I was hoping a few members who either have IBD or are familiar with it could give me some advice/ even consultation.

My first memorable stomach ache occurred this past June, after eating a burrito. I didn't think much of the incident, and felt fine in the weeks after. In July I traveled to China where I had severe stomach pains while traveling. I had a low grade fever and was given antibiotics by the doctors there. I had two very severe stomach aches during the three week period while I was traveling, with my stomach being uneasy during the rest of the time. Whenever I had the stomach aches I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, however, couldn't (possibly constipated). I lost about 12 pounds during this 3 week period, primarily due to my lack of eating.

I ended up visiting a GI once I got back to the city who ran a blood spectrum and sonogram, both of which came back normal. During this time my stomach was feeling much better, and when I had stomach aches they would only last for several hours (once or twice a week, usually). I then moved to college at the end of August and was still suffering from these manageably painful stomach aches, and hadn't had any as severe as the two in China. However last week, I had stomach pains in the afternoon almost everyday. Over the weekend they became so painful that I would just lie in bed hoping they would go away soon. I should note that my bowel movements were normal the entire time, the only difference being that some of my stools were had visible mucous. On Sunday, however, I made a trip to the ER after noticing what appeared to be a spot of blood in my stool when I went to the bathroom earlier that evening (7ish), I also noticed what looked like blood on the toilet paper the first time I wiped. The doctors in the ER noted my blood pressure and pulse (which were normal), and also gave me a rectal exam where they test to see if there is blood? They told me they hadn't found any blood and recommended I follow up with my GI back in NY when I went home for thanksgiving break (almost a month from now). I was given a prescription for hyoscyamin (Levsin SL) which is an antispasmodic pill, for my stomach pain. I felt fine yesterday after almost a week and a half of stomach pain. Today, however, I was forced to take one of the pills because the pain was worsening (an hour after I ate). The pain went away for about half an hour before I had a stomach ache again. There was perhaps another 20 minute period where I felt fine before I was hit by the pain again.

The only differences I've noticed in my stools is that they have become a lot more mucousy in the past two weeks. Usually I only notice the mucous on the toilet paper after I wipe. However in the past few days I've also been passing more gas, and when I wipe (after passing gas, not going to the bathroom) I notice some residue on the toilet paper. I've still been having a bowel movement a day, nothing that I would consider diarrhea. Symptoms seem to appear on a day-to-day basis, and only occur in the afternoon/night after I eat.

All of this has been really stressing me out about my future, and I was just hoping to get some feedback from people who know the disease. I know it's different from person to person but I would like to know if this sounds like it's more IBS, just so I know if I should be asking for a endoscopy. I know nothing can be confirmed until I visit a doctor, but I wouldn't mind hearing some speculation.


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Hello JS
Sorry to hear you are having problems, but it is good that you have been in touch with your doctor.
The ER doctors did not find bleeding which is a good sign for you at this time.
It is possible you could have an irritable bowel giving you problems.
However, you really need a differential diagnosis by a gastroenterologist.,and pehaps a colonoscopy.
See how it goes and maybe you could arrange an appointment, ahead of your return home in a months time.
Meantime, should your symptoms become worse do not hesitate to go back to the ER
for some help.
Hugs and best wishes