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Unsure on what to think need opinions

Hi, I'm 23 and since the age of 16 I have had bouts of approximately 3-4 months at a time of explosive diahriah (20-25 times a day at its peak) and sickness, I turn extremely unwell with it and even become inconvenient with the pain, the only way I can describe the pain I feel is like late stage labour pains, the episodes have come closer together to the point where now it's happening once a year.. Inbeteeen the episodes my stomach isn't what you would call normal but it's manageable, my fecal caprolactam stool test came back as 894 when I was unwell and they said anything over 100 indicated ibd, my colonoscopy was normal and my MRI structure was normal the tech put on the report but gastro doctor has not yet looked at the photos but I'm guessing there be normal too then? Does it make a difference of I'm not having a flare up because the colonoscopy and MRI has been done when I'm well, My question is really shall I just accept that it's not ibd bassed on this? My nans friend had the same problem for years and years back and forth and ended up giving up and then she had somthing rupture inside her had to have surgery and then diagnosed with Crohn's, I'm unsure what to think anymore, what's your opinions? X
Do you think it could just be ibs? I know it's nothing like other people with ibs, I think I know myself it's not but with. The tests being negative it makes me doubt myself, but how could ibs be this bad, I'm happy for good results but frustrated because I just want to know what's wrong with me, it's affecting me so bad my anxiety is through the roof 😔 X
Hi Charlltd,
I agree with Ron, not sure if it is IBD or IBS, but doctors should help you find a treatment to stay better.