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Unusal pain above the bladder

I had issues with excessive gas so i started using probiotics and now I have a few a day.
Probiotics helped me a lot, but now I have unusual symptoms that I don't relate to probiotics.
I have light burning pain when I touch a bit above the bladder pain is 0.05 from scale 0 to 10.
It's near to nothing but when i press harder on the same spot I have no pain at all. Very confusing to me.
I have crohn's. That tiny sometimes unpleasant pain (in a way that it worries me a lot)
is located on a spot that never caused me any trouble.
So I've come to conclusion that it has to do something with my skin not intestine.
Or my body is recovering from all the damage bad bacteria has caused.
I have consumed carrots, pumpkin, rice, olive oil, tumeric, ginger,
salmon, blueberries, slippery elm, L-glutamine these days and I have first formed and then mushy stool.
Anybody have any thoughts? Thank you!