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Unusual treatments


What are some of the more unusual treatments that you have heard of? These can be to treat your condition, or to treat a symptom (like pain, crampimg, etc.).

While I know it is actually not that unusual, acupuncture is odd to me. I just really do not know that much about it though, but it just seems weird to me that sticking needles into different areas can treat a whole range of symptoms and problems. It obviously must do something for people though, as it just seems to grow in popularity.


I'm surprised at how different herbs and such can make such a difference. Not "unusual," just surprising to me.

As for the acupuncture... I highly recommend it! I loved my acupuncturist when I lived in Florida. I must find a new one here. It's amazing what a good session can do for the body. I'm thinking regular monthly appointments might be a good idea for me (once I get this current bizniz under control) just for maintenance and upkeep.


Sparrow said:
I think that worms thing is weird I'd never do it
Definitely agree! the worms treatment really doesn't appeal to me.



Im all for looking into that viagra theory :) :)

my DR did want to try some treatment where she would filter my blood, I would have had to miss too much time off of work, so I passed.. that one sounded a bit strange to me.


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Aside from IBD, I have a bad back. Periodically it flares, so I see a chiropractor. Before I became seriously ill, my chiro asked if I was having intestinal issues. She pretty much diagnosed the Crohns before it flared & definitely before any of my doctors ever did. Unfortunately, my chiro can't offer me a cure, but I really feel better after each visit to her. I dunno if that's a placebo effort, or if there is something more at work there. Yet none of my {QUOTE}Doctors{UNQUOTE} have anything nice to say about chiropractors.


Hyperbearic Chamber- for fistulas, the extra oxygen being introduced into the environment speeds up the healing process.

The worms are PRETTY WEIRD though!