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Upcoming bowel resection

Hi everyone,

Well it had been a while since I've been on this forum. I had been doing fairly well over the years since my emergency bowel resection in 2013/ostomy reversal in 2014. I went on Remicade back in mid 2018 due to some peri-anal fistulas that didn't want to close, and had been on the remicade for almost a year when I developed an abdominal abscess. One IR drain and abscessogram later they found a fistula from the small bowel leaking all sorts of juicy fluids and junk. Treated with an abdominal drain and 2+ months of antibiotics to try and reduce the infection/swelling/inflammation in my abdomen before wanting to do a surgery.

Needless to say, went and got a second opinion from a surgeon affiliated with a tertiary medical center and now have surgery scheduled for this upcoming week instead of mid-September. Surgeon says I will more than likely end up with a temporary ostomy, based off my extensive history...which I've been through before and will get through again. Just another chapter in the life of a Crohnie right? :)
good luck my friend. I'm in a kind of similar situation... had a surgery in 2013, luckily not emergency, and did strictureplasty instead of resections.
Now i'm candidate for another surgery within probably 4-6 months, as I have again stenoses and a non symptomatic fistula in the small bowel. There will be some resection of course this time.

Let us know how it goes!