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Upcoming surgery

Long story short, I met with my surgeon today and we think it's a good idea to go ahead with surgery. She will be taking out a foot of small intestine, part of the colon, she is going to try not give me a stoma but wont know until she gets in there and starts ripping me apart. LOL

Surgery is on for 6/13 and I am so looking forward to it.
Best of luck with your upcoming surgery! I just had 22cm of my colon removed mid Feb. I had a temporary ileostomy for almost 3 months while the anastomosis(two joined ends) healed. The ileostomy wasn't bad once I got used to it. I felt great and could eat foods I hadn't had in years(brussels sprouts!) I felt so miserable before my surgery; having lots of obstructions and pain from the stricture. I had my ileostomy reversal almost 2 weeks ago and my body is getting used to pooping again. Read through these threads on peoples experiences with resection surgeries. There is some good advice. I won't lie, it was rough going the first week after surgery. I was in the hospital for 10 days, but once I got home I started to feel better.
I would never go back to life without my bag. Thing is, it may not be necessary in your case. Leave it to your surgeon. She'll have a bird's eye view and she has the expertise to know if you need one right now or not. I'm sure she's aware of your preferences. She'll know what to do. If you do end up with a bag, there are a lot of us here who would never go back to life without one. You'll have a lot of support. :)