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Update - in remission again

I had my blood work done and a colonoscopy done this week and everthing came back normal. So, i did it 15 years without medication through diet and exercise and i am going to do it again. According to my GI specialist my bowel was prestige no inflammation and no narrowing and very well. so i told him i wasn't going to take anymore medication and he said that is your decision to make! So i am making it i believe the medication made me worse instead of better. Anyway that is the scoop.

That's great! I hope it goes well for you! What diet has worked well for you? What sort of exercise? I'm recovering from surgery and slowly building up my diet, and I'm on the lookout for new things to think about and be aware of in terms of diet and exercise. Thanks!
Well i have to say the SCD diet works well. i still enjoy my sodas though. You can eat fresh fruit and veggies. With veggies i usually boil them or steam them. I boil my chicken. I only eat red meat once a week and same goes for pork both lean of course. For example for breakfast i will have lean bacon, 2eggs boil or fried in olive oil and a small glass of V-8 fusion. to get my fruit and veggies. Rarely do i eat fresh fruit. I eat alot of white rice or wild rice and i drink 3 glasses of metamucil a day to bulk up. sometimes it helps you bulk up your stool instead of having diarrhea.That's of course if your not having alot of diarrhea than skip the metamucil. It all depends how your system is working. Metamucil helps in keeping your system clear of bad bacteria that is what my GI specialist told me anyway, but, i was already drinking it. I went out and bought a thread mill and i get on it for 20 or 30 minutes. Just at a low speed to tone up my legs and stomach area. i was in remission for 15 years without taking any medications. I find that when i was taking the medications they made me worse. i am not telling you not to take your medications. i am only going by my experience with medications. it's all trial and error you have to eat certain foods to just try them out and if they don't effect you than by all means eat them. Do what is best for you. and do what works for you. i also have an ensure drink in the morning though just to keep my energy levels up. I also take a multi-vitamin and Omega 3 fish oils 2000mg a day. a multi-vitamin keeps your level in check and omega 3 helps in digestion of the food and helps in the bowel by fighting off inflammation and bad bacteria and i take B100complex vitamin. I hope all this helps. best wishes



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Great news Scott!! Its wonderful to hear that remission can be maintained without meds! Hope it continues for you for a long, long time!