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Update my GI doctor called me in some lortabs

update my GI doctor called me in some lortabs

update my GI doctor called me in some lortabs he wants to run a test on me to see where all the pain is coming from in my stomach it will also check my gallbladder to i have to have it done on the 10th of august will update more when i know more i know my pain management doctor sure would not call me anything in but the GI doctor did i dont know if i should find a pain management doctor closer thats willing to work with us on the co pays and stuff like that the test i think is to check how my gallbladder is working and stuff like that


Thanks for the update, May. :)

Hopefully the tests will give you some answers you need. As for the pain management doctor - his job is to MANAGE YOUR PAIN, and if he is not doing that, then I would definitely find someone else.

Hope something goes your way soon!


I agree, if you are paying for him to manage your pain, he should be doing that!

What exactly are you getting done? For the longest time I had no idea what was causing my pain. When I got my SBFT done the doc used a tool to press on my stomach to see if there were any fistulas, and he pressed the tool right where I'm in pain. All there was was small bowel, a section that wouldn't be seen by a scope!

I hope they figure this all out soon!