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Update om "missy42"

Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca
As some of you know "missy42" has not been on the forum in the last few months.

missy42 called me today and ask me to send everyone a note to tell how she is doing. About 2 months ago she went into the hospital because of her crohns and while she was there she started to have problums with her eyes. A few days later it got so bad that she lost her sight. She said that the loss of her sight was permanent and she is learning how to cope with this, but having a had time. She also said that she misses all of her friends in here and if they would like to talk to her on the phone I can give her # out. If you would like to call her lease PM me.

missy42, her husband and 2 kids are doing the best they can do at this point but could use some support with a phone call since she can't get on the net to reach out to us anymore. The lost of her sight IS from crohns. This is rare and my prayers go out to her and her family.

Jim (POPS)


Wow, I didn't know missylock42 but it is so sad. Please tell her we are thinking of her and praying too. Lord be with her and her family.:ghug:
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I don't recognize the name and can't find her on the forum either. Was her account deleted? D:

I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of her sight. That's terrible. How is she doing otherwise? Was the hospital able to get her symptoms under control? I'm assuming she's home now rather than still in the hospital.

Thanks for letting us know Jim. :)
Wow that is horrible. I've never heard of that kind of thing with Crohn's before. I wish her and her family the best as they get through this.


That's horrible I'm assuming the inflammation went to her eyes? I know my ophthalmologist said that is a medical emergency because you can go blind. Sounds like that's what happened to her. Truly awful!
I am so sorry for her and her family. How devastating. I did not even know crohns could cause one to go blind. I guess that is proof that Crohns is not really just an intestinal disease. How horrible for her. Please give her and her family my best and they are definitely in my thoughts and prayers....

Jim (POPS)

Jim (Pops)
Antioch, Ca
I will be contarting misslocks42 soon and let her know that we are all thinking and praying for her. Thank you all for the support, it will mean alot to her.

Your Friend,

Jim (POPS)

PS: missy, other friends and I have talked about getting a Skipe account so she can join in. She can hear us with Skipe, I will let you know if we get this up and running so everyone can join her. (Now when I think...OO poor me, I think about missy and how strong she is. Even though she has lost her sight, she still knows how blessed she is.)


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Oh my goodness Jim, what a difficult and heartbreaking time for missy and her family. :(

Thank you for being there for her Jim and please give her my love and let her know that she is in my thoughts.

Dusty. xxx