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Update on me

I had my capsule done last week and this week was spring break in Oregon where my GI is and he was on vacation so I won't have the results until next week. This is Capsule #4. At this point my GI has said ... If there is still inflammation and ulceration low enough in my small bowel we'll go forward with the re-section and treatment afterwards to try and keep it from coming back. If it's more wide spread or further up in my small bowel then we're going to attack it with medication because they won't be able to do it laprascopically if it's further up and they don't want to cut me wide open.

My blood work is getting worse, I have some nutritional deficiencies which isn't really a surprise. I'm trying to figure out what to do in order to get my stats up. Either everything is low or borderline, other then my white count of course which is elevated again since I stopped the Humira. I had an IgA count done and it's borderline low, I had done research and thought perhaps that that was the issue and not CD but it's not screaming out that that is the issue now since it's low but not below normal. Looks like we're ruling out everything in order to confidently say it is Crohn's, that's the approach of my GI now. I've always felt that it was CD, there really is no other explanation at this point.

I've been going up and down the last few weeks health wise so I haven't been here as much but I'm trying to be more active as much as I can.



ele mental leprechaun

Truly hope you get some progress and decisions made that help you move forwards.

You have had such a tough time of late and my heart goes out to you.

Just remember out of sight hasnt been out of mind around here!

Take care. ((hugs))
You seem to be having a lovely time of things...doesn't this disease suck!!!

I hope you can manage without the surgery.

And here we all thought you were on the quite side cuz MBH had you busy....lol

Anyway, I hope you are feeling better soon!!!
Thank you Jan and Pen. I'm glad to see both of you around again. I hope things are a little better in both your lives, I know things were getting you down recently. I'm keeping my head up as much as I possibly can. I found an old class mate that I grew up with as a kid via facebook and it turns out he was recently diagnosed with RA so we got together and discussed how weird it was to be so young and so sick, neither of us ever expected this. It's nice to have someone in my personal life who actually understands what I'm going through and I think he feels the same way.

I'll definitely keep everyone updated and I'll be around, as I've always said if they decide for some reason it's not Crohns .. you all will have to kick me out to get rid of me. I care about you all too much =)
we would never kick you out!

good luck with the test results and whatever course of action you take!

My Butt Hurts

ladyB said:
And here we all thought you were on the quiet side cuz MBH had you busy....lol
Well you know THAT is true! WoooooWooOOOOoooo!

Nothing else to say that I haven't already told you buddy.
Always thinking good thoughts for you.
(And of you, haha...)
Hope they can get a handle on what's going on there with you Drew. I've always wanted to swallow a camera capsule but I guess I've never had any upper-gi problems.

If they can attack the affected parts of your bowel with the resection and then follow up with medication that could be a good approach. I only say that because it's what has worked for me. I started on Humira immediately following my resection. But I had never had Humira before. Since you've already been on Humira you may have to do something else.

But I had a colonoscopy earlier this month and got a clean report. The only abnormality was that the terminal ileum was red, but no elevated wbc.
Aw poor Drew I can't believe you are still waiting for a diagnosis. Hopefully they will be able to say if it is crohns or not. Then atleast the doctors will be able to come up with the proper plan. Good luck.
dont worry man, im in a similar situation, the doctors tell me its crohn's from what they saw in the colonoscapy, and im still waiting for the results I have to wait 3 weeks dammit.

I've known I had an IBD for a long time, and always 'medicated' to treat it, but I decided to take action to see what else i could do... obviously not much.

.....the nausea sucks man..... dont worry we will all be here to talk to you even if it doesnt turn out to be crohn's