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Update on my 15month old baby

update on my 15month old baby

The health visitor came to weigh my sweet baby girl and she had lost 500gs(half a kilo) in 10 days which is not good :(
she was so mad that her appointment has not been put forward or the docs taking this seriously,so she told me to get on to dietians to inform them.
well just spoke to them and she is going to contact her docs now... so will have to see what happends.

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Hi there, sorry I am late on here. So sorry for your problems with your child. It is devestating to have an illness so young.

I think you need to be aggressive and get the help your daughter needs. The longer help is prolonged the worse your daughters health will get. I feel for you and my thoughts are with you. Keep us posted ok! Good luck.


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Hey amirah,

I so hope they can move the appointment forward for you, keep badgering them and telling them how upset and scared you are. Let us now how things go.

Sending you hugs and good luck................



Take care, :)
our prayers and wishes go out to your baby and to you. We know how frustrating it can be to get doctors to listen to you. keep after them no matter what. That is what we do for Maddie. give your baby lots of hugs from us
Hey amirah this must be unbelievably hard for you and I cant even begin to imagine what its like when your baby can't even tell you how she feels. I completely agree with Jetta, be aggressive, it's the only way they'll listen to you, I had my first real bad flare last year and even though I'm 20. I really had no clue what was going on and what to do, and the only reason anything got done with the docs is because my dad stepped in and made them listen. Please keep us posted, I hope you have some good news soon :)


Hi Amirah

hope you find the strength to insist and persist!
without crass over generalisation, health visitors can be very keen to label us as neurotic paranoid mothers, I truly hope you've got a good un!
Joan xxx