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Update the 3 biopsys came back showing that my stomach is very inflamed

update the 3 biopsys came back showing that my stomach is very inflamed

update the 3 biopsys came back showing that my stomach is very inflamed they told me this today when i called the GI doctor they said the stool samples did show that my colon is very inflamed i am so mad at who ever i talked to yeturday telling me everything came back fine :ymad: when i just talked to someone else from the office and they told me what my tests have shown the GI doctor wants me to have a CT scan as soon as i can of my stomach its hard to explan what type of test it is i know its a CT i have to have it done august 3rd i have to be there at 10:45am and the CT will be at 11:45am

the GI doctor is trying to find what is wrong and he still thinks its crohn's but got to have more tests done to diagnose it


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Is it a CT-enterography that you'll be having? That's a CT scan specifically of the intestines. I've had a general abdominal CT but not a CT-enterography so I'm curious to hear how it goes. I'm guessing you'll probably have to drink contrast, and they may also inject you with IV contrast. Good luck, I hope it finds something concrete that gets you some answers!
I've had I want to say like 4 or 5 of those. They are not nearly as bad as colonoscopies. They give you something that tastes like overly sweet apple juice and you have to drink it within an hour (it tastes better than colonoscopy prep) then they put you in the circular scanner thingy and tell you when to hold your breath and when you can breath then they'll inject some numbing fluid which will make you feel like you have to pee then do the steps over again. It takes a look at your intestine only and if the inflammation is bad enough they'll be able to see it through your pictures. Every time they did one on me it showed inflammation in my colon...come to think of it I;d like to see the progression of each scan. lol it'd be like keeping track of the inflammtion from beginning to end lmao.

It's really an easy procedure and would take one of those over the colonoscopy ANY day! It should last about an hour and then you'll be all set. If it's an outpatient procedure I think your doctor will call with the results, if it's inpatient then you'll receive an answer within an hour or two(I always had mine done when I went to the ER) Good luck


I agree with Melissa, CT scans are a breeze! Ive had two so far, one when my ovarian cysts burst, second last september bc of GI issues. Good luck!