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hi all

go into hospital today and op to take place tomorrow, feeling really scared and anxious , had the stoma nurse yesterday to go through things with she was very nice and put my fears as ease, but got up this morning and there back, puttin brave face on for my hubby and my 3 kids ,dont want them to see that i am scared but they have all been brilliant and the rest of my family have too, and also a special lady called kaz that i met on here has been a tower of strenght to me, thank you kaz if you reading this.so i will say bye for now and as soon as i am up an about i will let you all know how i am x

bye for now
sandra xxx
hi sandra
like your self im going in hospital today for surgery tomorrow also feeling very scared and emotional and anxious keep telling myself positive thoughts its the only thing getting me through at the moment tried putting a brave face on for my hubby n 2 daughters but just broke down over the weekend . my family have been terrific over it all and a great help and support so glad you have family there for you . sending you positive thoughts hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery .
keep me updated on how your doing when you are home and i will do the same.
take care
sazamataz85 xxx


I love you God.
It will be ok :) u learn to become creative when you get a stoma :) It doesnt hurt and if you have pain and can't eat ohh that will change. You will finally get some relief. most the time you forget you have a bag on and the times you do notice it, it feels like a balloon hooked to your side..lol I hope everything goes as smooth as possible for you and your family.