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As some of you know I had a baby recently in May. He is one of the loves of my life and happy to say that even though he was born small (5 lbs 3 oz) he has grown and healthy as a horse thus far, praise God! Unfortunately for me I have strayed on the diet and just got out of an eleven day hospital stay from a bowel obstruction. With the help of high dose steroids, pain meds, antibiotics, and a liquid diet I managed to avoid surgery. I must admit, before I got married and had my son I was wreckless with my life and treatment because if something had happened to me it wouldn't have mattered. But now that I am married and have my seven month old baby boy the time to be selfish stops now. I am resolved more than ever to eat this diet since it has been the only thing to give me long term relief and keep me out of the hospital. Sugar is truly a drug for me and none of it is worth my son not having a mother that he needs or my husband having his wife. I am still on medications right now but hope to one day be in the same place as my brother who only eats the diet and is very healthy. This is in no way a PSA, this is just me sharing my story that I will be updating from time to time. I have seen a lot of positive studies coming out from Stanford and other universities and it keeps me going even though I still crave all of the bad stuff every day. Please pray for me friends or wish me well to stay strong and not to give into temptation. I would love to hear positive results from others as well.
Hi Crohns08
I understand. I am also guilty of deviating from what is right and good for my guts. Although the price is not as high as yours.
Can you find some go-to alternatives to treat the cravings, and make sure you have them handy?
Don't despair, no-one is perfect, be good to yourself. x
Thanks buttER,

I am following the diet now to the T. In a couple weeks time I should be able to try some of the desserts allowed on the diet and that will help. The biggest thing for me right now is just doing this for my son and my husband and so far I haven't felt any temptation.