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As some of you know I was going to see a hemotologist. For the past year my WBC goes up and then comes down, so my GI wanted to play it safe and send me to a hemotologist to find out if anything else is going on. I finally got the courage to go for the bloodwork on Tuesday, doctor should have results in a week. I can’t even explain how much anxiety this has caused me, sadness, and loss of sleep. I keep telling myself that hopefully if it was anything serious the WBC would continue to go up and not come down, but I’m no doctor and google is causing my anxiety to worsen. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.
I have exactly your same problem. with me they go up about 10 days after the infusion and then they go down very slowly until the next one.
I saw the hematologist last Monday and he ordered a bunch of tests. They show online on MyChart. so far results seem ok since the lymp are not monoclonal.

Probably yours lymphocytes will be the same, it seems that a percent of patients (12% to 25% depending on the paper)get these spikes with TNF therapy, they go up and down. the papers say its a benign reactive lymphocytosis, I found a bunch of studies online about this but of course they say long term....they dont know.
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Google is a great source for information, but maybe make sure you are reading articles from a reputable website like Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, etc.
Absolutely! Any quack with a computer can post their latest Crohn's theories on the internet, and many actually do. And Google will find them all for you. So for your own sake stick to legitimate sources based on real science.