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Hi all, just thought would give a quick update after seeing my GI yesterday.

Am going for another scope have organise it for the 12th April as I really couldn't be bothered getting on before easter plus he said there was no hurry just organise it within the next month.

My GI wants to see how my insides are going and what inflammation I have seeing as Im currently on no Crohns medication and haven't been for the last six weeks. Overall Im doing well all things considered I only seem to have a few bad days every couple of weeks but he said my small intestine felt funny so he wants to make sure eveything is all good. If I have gotten worse it will be new drugs for me.. we went thru some of the drugs he would suggest and the two top ones were Humira & Remi.. yeah both needle ones. But will cross that bridge when and if I come to it.

Ok that is it for me for now anyway.. best wishes to everyone.
Great too hear ya traveling ok
best wishes for the scope Tan

hopefully it all turns out fine an at worse just a mild oral medication can control it

keep us posted

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Hey Tan, good that your doc is up to speed on getting things done. It could be nothing but having a colonoscopy will show any inflammation. Strictures or narrowing forming is best to be avoided. Remicade is in my opinion stronger but done by IV and is a pain... Humira self injected in your own home. But if you have a phobia of needles that will be harder. I don't .. never did, just had to many in my lifetime. Hope it all goes well, keep us updated!


Hi Tan

hope it goes well, good luck!
Try and rest now til after Easter
lotsa luv
Joan xx