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upper endoscopy

How common is it to have a upper endoscopy if one has no symptoms nausea or upper-abdominal pain? Were you all routinely scheduled it in your initial diagnosis if your symptoms were diarrhea/ lower colon related?

Brief history: A few months ago, experienced an episode of diarrhea, dehydration and quick weight loss of 12 pounds. Bowl issue became a partially blocked colon with diarrhea. After a X-Ray, the GP told me I was constipated, which resolved after I took clearlax. Other symptoms are anemia, which has been improving, and occasional blood in stool.

I had a previously scheduled colonoscopy to check my internal the internal bleeding. The surgeon found inflammatory polyps in my sigmoid colon. We thought the bleeding was due to internal hemorrhoids. I had a colonoscopy 9 years ago to check the hemorrhoids. In the colonoscopy, the rest of the colon visually looked clear. Biopsies were taken from the sigmoid colon only. The biopsy showed nothing but unspecific inflammation from these polyps. I had a recent contrast CT, which did not show any abnormalities in my upper or lower colon.

I've been newly diagnosed with Crohn's last month. I had thought I was scheduled for an additional colonoscopy. It turns out it is a upper endoscopy. I am confused, as I thought Crohn's was not common in the upper intestinal area. Is it standard and frequent to get a upper endoscope if the CT comes back clear in the initial work up?


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Hi Kate 123
You can have Crohn's from your mouth to your anus, I started getting heart burn and indigestion I had a gastroscopy they found an Hiatus Hernia &
Barrett's Oesophagus which I was shocked at. I am on omeprazole for the reflux and I have to be monitered every two years for the Barrett's

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Extremely common to have a look at both
They need to assess where your disease is at the beginning
For kids they always do both together
Ds has had multiple upper /lower scopes
Thank you all! I really appreciate the responses. It's been really stressful the past few weeks with all of the tests and the specialist telling me I had Crohn's. I was nervous about the upper endoscope. Much less so, now that I hear it's commonly done with suspected Crohn's.