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Upper GI series on Thursday

So, I saw my nice GI yesterday to say that I thought the Cimzia had finally kicked in but why was I still having so much constipation and long narrow stools and horrible heartburn and just bloated and miserable feeling all the time..he wants to see if my 5-6 inch stricture has gotten any longer since the two years have gone by since I had the upper GI series of x rays - So off I go to have another round of these tests...Oh joy, oh bliss - Don't ya just love the taste of that stuff?! I wanna puke when they tell me to drink that crap - so think of me on Thursday morning in my little hospital gown laying down freezing my exposed butt off whilst they take their pictures....Gawd I hate this disease!!!!
Sorry to hear that Carolyn! Hopefully they can figure out what's causing the symptoms and get them under control for you!
Maybe we are missing the big opportunity here?? Maybe we should ALSO be focusing on how to make that mess TASTE better (not just on meds to cure us) - because it isn't only us that have to drink it all the time right? We could make MILLIONS I bet if we could come up with something that truly made you look forward to getting your test done ;)

Good luck Carolyn. Glad you are feeling better..er..except for all that other stuff LOL! Hopefully nothing new to report afterward.