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Upper-GI Tract Symptoms - Worse Over Time - Ideas?

I didnt mention this to my GI Doc for two reasons...
1. I thought it was anxiety related at first
2. My Doc always seems to be in a hurry, therefore making me feel like unless its a serious issue, I need not mention it.

However, in the past couple of weeks the symptoms have gotten much worse, and I'm a bit worried now.

Anyway, for about the past 10+ years I've noticed I've had difficulty swallowing. I always thought it was anxiety related because as a child I choked on one of those mozerella sticks (with the stretchy cheese), which caused an anxiety response from then on out.

Over time, and in the past 7 years or so, I've noticed it really doesnt matter what I eat, my esoph just doesnt seem to want to push it down. I learned how to regurgitate it back up and swallow it again (gross, yes, but it worked and I didnt choke). Again, I thought it was anxiety related.

Around the same time, I noticed that sometimes when I swallow, there would be a grinding pain I would feel as the food went down my esoph, that I would also feel in my back. The pain wouldnt stop until the food entered my stomach. It wasnt incredibly common, so again, I brushed it off.

In the past few weeks, I've noticed what feels like a lump, or something stopping the food, at a certain point in my chest. Even if I'm just taking a pill it stops at that point, the pain begins, and I have to drink a fluid to help it get down.
Thats when I noticed that even if I'm just drinking a fluid, with no food included, I still feel that lump.

I've also had this feeling in my stomach that I'm hungry and nauseous at the same time. It's terrible because I dont know if I should eat, or not.
I've also had sharp chest pains off and on for the past 4 years that I honestly thought was heart related (which runs in the family), but now I'm thinking it could be related to this.

I would definitely want the doctor to take a look inside. There are a few things that can be going on. The first thing would be for him to look inside and see if he see's anything. Then if not, he might want to do a esophageal motility study on you. I have had this. They put a tube down your throat( through the nose) they give you and glass of water and you drink it while this tube measures the peristalisis of your esophsgus while you swallow. Also, you could be having esophageal spasms which can be painful. I would have the doctor check it out though. Sorry you are dealing with this. Hope you get some relief.
I have an appointment next week. I'll definitely mention it to him and see if he's open to taking a look in there. Are there any procedures they can do where I wont be awake? I really don't want to experience this without being knocked out. :)