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Ureter Stent & Bloody urine

Hello everybody! Good morning!

I had a Ureter stent placed in my right side ureter due to inflamed intestines pushing against my ureter. I’ve called a standby doctor to ask if it’s normal, he said it was normal. I had the stent placed in just this last Friday(the 28th). It’s been 2 days now, I’m still urinating blood here & there. Google hasn’t been much help in finding certain info, maybe I need to dig harder.
My questions for anyone that might be able to relate experientially, how long have you bled urine out? (Days? Weeks?).

Also, does anyone know when I get to take the anti-blood clot stockings off?
My Urologist said he would call me over the weekend, maybe I misheard him, but I’m confused now. I haven’t got a call so far. Can’t anyone shed some light? Maybe send a article/website link with relevant info??