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Urgent: Can you recommened an appropriate elemental diet product?

Hi All

I need a 100% elemental diet product which preferably has little to no frcutose. I am in the uk but willing to buy from oversease.

I notice many of the products you find online are not 100% elemental at all and contain a lot of sugar. I looked at a product called Absorb Plus and that contained tapioca maltodextrin and sugar I believe in non predigested states. I know tapiaco starch is very bad for my adrenal fatigue so I stayed away from it. I can't breakd down protein and fat even when the protein has been juiced, I still can't digest it. Can you guys help me find a product which gives me the nutrients I need to survive in truly elemental form. Can you advise me on products even if they contain sugar but at least the sugar should be predigested.

I know I have a bad reaction to tapioca but do you think tapioca maltodextrin would cause any problems?

It's sick how these companies don't provide a simple elemental product for sick stomachs, can't find a single one online.

Many thanks
Would something like this work? It is a complete elemental drink, specially formulated for GI impaired patients.


Although meant for tube feeding, you can water it down a bit, and drink as many as you need to meet your daily calorie need. You can get the regular Peptamen, or the Peptamen 1.5 which has more calories if you are trying to gain weight.

Tried to read if it has any fructose and could not find it anywhere - let me know if you come across it.

If this could work for you, perhaps you could find out if Nestle has a patients assistance program to help you with the cost??