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Urgent-where to order spray/powder in US?

I've read that some of you use sprays and powders for extremely irritated and bleeding stoma sites. I've contacted the three major suppliers I know of and none of them carry it. Hoping someone in the states knows of a supplier, as I think everyone I read using them resides in the UK. Any other suggestions for helping with severe irritation would be greatly appreciated! (I've already attempted all the obvious solutions suggested in other threads and by nurses)

Thank you!
I can usually find something similar at a compound pharmacy also. Not a regular pharmacy, but a compound pharmacy will usually have some stoma supplies, though limited quantity and variety.
If you Google "stoma powder" you will find several brands. Coloplast has one called Brava powder and there is Adapt Stoma Powder that you can even get on Amazon. Cavalon has a spray that is very good to use as a barrier to prevent further irritation. It is sting-free.