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Urinary infection

I am a 33 year old male that is having frequent urination (every 30 minutes). There is no pain involved and color and smell seem normal. I have had history of fistulizing crohn's in the past. I am humira and imuran currently. Have any other guys had this? Thanks for any input!
When I was 23 (30 years ago), my terminal ileum communicated with my bladder and a fistula formed. Two symptoms were constant urinary tract infections and frequent urination. As I understand it, males do not get occasional urinary tract infections like females do. It almost always means there is an underlying problem causing the infections. Given your history, it sounds like something to get checked out with your GI or urologist rather quickly.
Your welcome! Take care of yourself. I am hoping for a better diagnosis than what my message suggests. It looks like this damned disease has worked you over enough already.