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Using the opposite genders bathroom in a crohn's emergency


I have thought about this on a few occasions. What do you do if the stalls are taken in the mens or women's room and you GOTTA GO or if you are in a place where the bathrooms are in opposite areas? Would you just barge in and take care of business?

This disease makes you think of so many crazy things to survive. I have used single bathrooms of the opposite sex before because if I need to go and nobody else is in there I just don't care I'm not going to take a chance. I wonder though in an absolute emergency if I would have the guts to go in to the other multiple person restroom and just show my crohns card or pretend I'm trans so they don't bother me.

Do you think people would understand or would one be arrested and labeled a perv?

I'm sure someone in the IBD community has done this in an emergency but curious what people's thoughts are.


I agree I think men largely wouldn't be bothered by it.

They'd probably think:
1. Poor girl must be really sick or desperate to go
2. They would be amused by it and tell Facebook.
3. Think she was looking for trouble.

I think most guys wouldn't be uncomfy but some might especially if it's a co-worker.

I think a man using the women's room is a whole other ballgame (no pun).

I wonder how a female here with crohns would react given we are more sensitive to bathroom needs and emergencies.
As a female if a male with Ibd walked in I would be a little weirded out but if he explained (even just 'it was an emergency') I would be fine with it. After all there are stalls.

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I've used the men's before at work. But, it was a single in the break room and the women's bathroom was broken. Not sure I'd be brave enough to use a multiple stall one though.


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It wouldn’t bother me in the least if a guy used the women’s toilets.

As a woman have I used the men’s? You bet I have, many a time in shopping centres and the like, and I don’t have IBD. Never had a bloke object yet! :lol: But yeah, I do think it is more dicey for a guy using the women’s toilets.