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V high output - soooooo thirsty

Sorry to be posting again with yet another problem.

My output has been very watery since Kermit was created about a month ago - the last temp ileostomy I had in 2009 was always a high output critter.

When I drink it comes straight out of the stoma and I am only passing urine once or twice a day regardless of how mucho drink.

Today I had missed breakfast and had drank a bottle of lucozade and 1/2 hour later my bag filled and it was pure lucozade that came out!

I've been so thirsty today but all my fluid intake is coming straight out. Then I had tea- small amount of chicken, broccoli and more lucozade ( I was actually too thirsty to eat) - I emptied straight after tea and there was broccoli coming out instantly!

I am on 4 Imodium 4 times a day as well as 60mg of codeine 4 times a day but my output is just pure water with the odd identifiable bit of food in it.

What's the best thing to drink! Would diet drinks be better (I'm wondering if the sugar is causing problems?). The amount of fluid I have lost today I have got to replace the fluids somehow - I have read about restricted fluids but I am typing this with a mouth like cotton wool and I'm so so so thirsty.

I've just taken my tablets crushed to see if that helps to absorb them as I'm thinking if things are passing so fast maybe medication is as well?

Is pure water best? I am adding salt to food and do eat a packet of salted crisps a day - have tried dioralite today as well but it's all gushing out!

I must have emptied 2 litres in the last 3 hours although I've probably drank about that much.

Sorry to be waffling so much but I am now daydreaming about ice cold pop, water with ice cubes, etc

I've been drinking a lot of lemon fanta wich I've just discovered is not diet but full sugar so should I avoid sugar? :sign0085:

Clare - did I mention I was thirsty? :lol2:


This could get serious in a hurry Clare. Dehydration is not to be messed with. I think you should get yourself to the Dr about this actually.

Yes go ahead and avoid sugar, but I dont think that is the issue on it's own. You may need to get fluids by IV for a short time.
You need to get yourself to the dr. Dehydration has a kind of snowball effect. Please go and get some fluids. I become very irrational when dehydrated. The chemical imbalance sends my mind all over the place.
Hope you are hydrated soon.
I'd being heading to the hospital to get hooked up with a drip ASAP.
Dehydration is diabolical and needs to be addressed promptly.
Like others have said, maybe best to try and get rehydrated at hospital before things get worse.

I've found with my ileo that drinking when I haven't eaten anything means it always goes straight through me. so I always have something to eat along side a drink. even if it's just a snack to sort of help slow things down a little. I used to drink lucozade, but the "lite sport"type, not the normal one or the sugary sports one.

Also look in to rehydration sachets like dioralyte. They can be very useful. If you're not eating but guzzling fluids down it is likely to just go straight through you. thats what happens with me anyway although I guess everyone can be different.
:ytongue: Hey Clare! I'm right there with you. I've had really no significant problems with hydration until recently. I'm 11 months out. I got an IV bag of fluids last week, and I should probably be getting again today--but it's Thanksgiving and I'm not going! I find that Cheerios cereal helps a little bit--but I'm like you---it just flies right outta me. I'm hoping this is just a glitch because I've done really well so far. I agree with the others--hydration is nothing to take lightly--especially if you are feeling woozy, unbalanced, lightheaded, confused. Sometimes I suck on ice cubes to help add fluid slowly. Yeah--the tricky part is that what works for one may not be helpful to another. Hope you catch up and don't have to visit the Dr.--but if it's gotta be done you will feel a whole lot better. Take care Dana
I'll qualify my response by saying that I no longer have my ostomy. When I did have issues such as yours, even now that things have reconnected, the solution is generally drinking less for me. Drop down to sips when you are thirsty, try ice chips or sucking on ice cubes. Both will actually relieve the sensation of thirst and reduce the fluids in your system. Keep in mind all of the above mentioned concerns about dehydration. Please look up the symptoms of dehydration and be wary of them. Not something to be fooled with, as it can impair your judgement and you want to be able to make good judgements at this time.
I had the same thing at first. I was in the hospital 3 times for dehydration even though i was driking a gallon of sports drinks and water a day. turns out that my large intake of fluids was not the best idea as it watered my output down. I had to take immodium every day, several times a day to stop the little bugger up. I used liquid immodium as it seemed to work better. Please don't mess around with this. It goes bad in a real hurry. Oh yea as previous poster said, do drink slow all day long, never guzzle no matter how good that feels.