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Vacationing w/ Crohn's?

So in a month I'm due for vacation time. My girlfriend really wants to go away for a week and so do I. I feel I really need one. But I'm scared.
Last year when we went on vacation thats where I got my first flare. Day 1 in Aruba. Bloody diarrhea 20x a day and no decent hospital and no open flight out. So that situation kind of scarred me.
We were supposed to go to Florida (I wanted to keep it in the US in case I need a hospital) but now the oil has reached the coast.
I have been good for months. Only occasional diarrhea and some anal irritation. Nothing major. But it still lingers. And I would love to go a nice resort in the Caribbean (because they are really cheap too) but again, there is no real healthcare there.
What does everyone do when they want to go away? Thanks.
Well, just to let you know, the whole state of Florida is not affected (yet) by the oil spill. You could always go to the Florida East coast too, which is actually better as far as surfing too. So far, the Florida panhandle is the only place in Florida to have oil wash up.

Staying in the U.S. for now would probably be better for you since you are still unsure about how you might feel. Just plan ahead when you go out to eat. Look up the menus before you go. Drink lots of water. Bring along some "safe" snacks for when you're in the hotel and try not to stress :) California has some great beaches too and lots to see.
I think taking a relaxing, non stressful vacation would be the best.

Like Marisa said most of Fl is still fine at this point. Not sure how it will be next month. I would think the east coast will still be ok. Hopefully west coast too.
I have travelled to quite exotic countries even whilst my crohn's has been active. Only 2 months after diagnosis I travelled to India and have been twice since, I have also been to Gambia, Turkey and Egypt. I try not to let it affect my holidays you need some chill out time and stressing about healthcare systems etc.. will probably not help.

Flying gives me a few issues and when we came back from India in November, landing in an areoplane whilst sat on their toilet was an interesting experience!
That reminds me of the time I went to Egypt (pre Crohn's). I got traveller's diarrhoea while over there. On the plane home as we took off you could literally see my stomach expand. On the 6 hour flight I must've gone to the bathroom 10 times. Unfortunately I was wearing cream trousers so When I wasn't in the bathroom I was sat desperately clenching, trying not to even fart.

Me and my boyfriend are going away this summer and I am seriously considering getting incontinence pads or something just in case. Especially since it is a 10 hour flight this time.


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TerriAnn, you are brave! The most travelling I've done since being ill was to Niagara Falls. It was fun, and I played it safe with foods and fortunately didn't have a problem. I wouldn't want to go to the exotic places you mentioned, though - too scary for me!

To the thread starter, I concur with what Marisa said - bring safe snacks, incontinence pads, meds, and lots of extra underwear just in case! Plan ahead for anything and everything that you can. I'd also like to add that it wouldn't hurt to research what doctors/clinics are covered under your insurance in the area you'll be travelling to, just in case you need to see a doctor while you're on vacation. Good luck, and have a fun trip!