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Vacationing with Crohns

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis & crohns a couple of weeks ago and was put on medication. I'm also on a very limited diet.

I went on vacation for a few days and just got back yesterday. I felt awful all the time; had non-stop diarrhea and stomachaches. I thought it would all go away once I got home, but I'm still feeling real bad.

Today I sat in the bathroom all morning and got to work after 2 pm!

Is this a normal reaction to going away/flying? What can I do to help this for next time?

What are good foods to eat during a flare-up like this? (The diet I'm on restricts grains, so rice and toast are out.):poo:


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Hi there, and welcome,
Sorry you have had a difficult time during your holiday. It takes time to find the right meds that help you. Then you will suffer less diar..and pain! Meds did not help me as I reacted to them, so I was put on Remicade infusions. I am doing well just now on that. Remember we are individuals and react as individuals to treatment. What suits me may not work for you: that is the nature of Crohns. It has nothing to do with diet. However, some foods can irritate it so miss out those. For me, that is rich ,creamy or cheesy sauces. I hope I have helped. I do hope also, that you feel better soon. Let me know how you are.


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Hi ebaby. Sorry to hear your vacation didn't go well. You mentioned you've been recently diagnosed. This is a difficult time. It will take some work to get this flare under control. Once under control you will start to feel better and get your life back. Shouldn't be any problems vacationing. Re: food. Keep a food diary. Make sure you stay well hydrated. World health organization has recipes on there web site. There are others on this forum who are up on food and diet. I'm sure someone will be along soon. Best wishes and hope you feel better soon.
Son has only taken one trip since diagnosis and it went very well, mostly because he was lucky enough to be in remission. He's on the SCD, so we planned out all of his meals, including SCD legal snacks to eat on the plane, but we were just trying to maintain the status quo. I don't see how a person could enjoy a vacation in the middle of a flare. :(
Thanks guys for your support! It's amazing that it almost made me feel better already!

Honey, what are Remicade infusions?

Amy, how long is your son on the SCD? And do you see a difference?


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Hi there,
Remicade or Infliximab is an immunosuppressant which may be given in combination with other medicines. It helps to suppress overactivity of the immune system in inflammatory conditions. It helps to reduce pain and swelling by limiting inflammation. It does weaken the immune system so I have to be monitored closely, viz checking my bloods. I go into hospital every 8 weeks to be on a drip for 4 hours. This has worked for me as no other medicine did! It is only given when other meds do not help. Do not worry but take each day, one at a time!
It helps to share our experiences with one another. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing. I hope you feel better soon. You will once the right meds are found that suit you. Best wishes.
Hey guys!

I'm feeling much better! I went back to my doc & he changed my med, & he put me on an antibiotic. My diarrhea stopped almost instantly!

Thanks for your support!!