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Vagus nerve and Crohn's disease

I came across some articles discussing trials where the vagus nerve stimulation was used in the treatment of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases. Does anyone have some experience with such treatment? Is this something that can be done at home?
im not sure what that stimulation might be exactly.....but that is how bacteria control neurotransmitters and such so i imagine balancing bacteria would count as nerve stimulation?
There are lots of resources on the web describing how to manually stimulate the vagus nerve. This probably would not be strong enough to help with Crohns, but maybe it is worth trying.
btw...the reason of what i said.....is after watching a program talking about mice who were given bacteria from other mice who had MS....those mice then acted like they had MS....due to this vagus nerve communicating...

its like microbes have to much power or control, but then again we are the ones feeding them in many cases.. idk..